Meditation group conscience minutes for 4 september 2023

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Meditation group conscience minutes for 4 september 2023

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Minutes: Meditation Group – Group Conscience Meeting 04 September 2023

In Attendance:
Tom, Pamela, Lori, Jennie

Meeting opened with Serenity prayer and reading the 3rd tradition

Former meeting minutes:
The minutes from the July meeting were accepted. There was no group conscience in August.

Agenda items:
Report Back from GSC Committee
Jennie reported and shared the link for the meeting. The next GSC meeting is 10 September.

Whether to add the instructions for finding sub to the meeting leader script
The group agreed to add a section to the end of the script including guidelines for finding a sub and options for dealing with trolls. Jennie will draft text on options for trolls.

Need for new Chair.
Tom is stepping down after the next group conscience meeting (October). There was some discussion about terms for leadership. In the past terms have been for 6 months, from January – June and July – December. We can decide next month if we want to stick with that schedule (so next Chair would serve through December), with 6 months from whenever the chair starts (so the next Chair would serve through April), or something else.
We will send a message to the WhatsApp Group that we are looking for a new Chair to start in November.
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