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zoom vs mumble

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Individual meetings of the OOMG will be deciding whether to move to Zoom or stay in Mumble for the time being. If you're interested in the pros, cons, and other info that have been discussed, here is some of it. If you have more to add, post it here.

66 people responded to the survey. 4 said they want meetings in Mumble only. 13 said Zoom only. The other 49 said they'd attend both Mumble and Zoom.

Zoom pros:
We can see each other and connect more authentically by video.
Zoom allows a profile picture to show when video is turned off.
The install is very simple.
People can dial-in from any regular phone.
People who don't like video Zoom can dial in to attend a voice only meeting.
The dial-in feature allows easier access when away from computers,so that people abstaining from computer use can attend our meetings.

Zoom cons:
In the time of Covid, some people work on Zoom a lot and aren't excited about using it more.
The chat interface isn't great.
The Zoom Waiting Room requires attention, which distracts the leader or requires a second person.
The Zoom App's data and bandwidth usage on a smart phone is high compared to the Mumble apps.

Mumble pros:
The chat feature is more convenient than the one in Zoom.
The Mumble apps have low data/bandwidth usage.

Mumble cons:
The install process has many steps, and can discourage people from connecting.
Even once they do connect, many times their microphone doesn't work and needs more setup.
Mumble is designed for gamers and has game-compatible features.
Some members used to game in Mumble and want to avoid it.
Mumble attracts trolling attacks from gamer packs.
There's no dial-in feature for Mumble.

Zoom security issues:
There are worries about Zoom security because China pressured the company to shut down a particular anti-Chinese-government Zoom meeting and because one software component provider is based in China. Many US companies have researched Zoom security and approved internal use. It does not appear to be any less secure than similar voice software.
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