Meeting Leader workshop speaker notes

Meeting Leader group's script, decisions from the group conscience, as well as other notes that are produced in during the meetings.
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Meeting Leader workshop speaker notes

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Speakers' presentations + notes:

Speaker (A) shared:
Meeting script is helpful.
Technology is challenging, zoom is hard to navigate.
Meeting Handbook very helpful.
People who are inappropriate or trolls can be prevented by using the waiting room.
Welcoming newcomers is important.
Important to pay attention to those who are in the room.
Rule on cross-talking was implemented in the script.
Meetings are different. Most scripts are similar, but some meetings have found ways that work for them.
Nobody owns a meeting. We are servants.
Good idea to let others chair a meeting one has started.
"Not to cross-talk, but..." meeting leaders should not do this, and if they do it, they should not mention a name because we don't want to put undue attention to the person in question, because the person can be sensitive or vulnerable in that moment.

Questions and feedback:

A: Can be a good thing for newcomers that the meeting leader cross-talk, there's a fine line where they shouldn't cross-talk.
Reply: I did all the things you're not supposed to when I started going to meetings. An alternative to cross-talk can be "I relate to the share that said ..." instead of mentioning names.
B: Member wrote meeting leader after meeting that their response (cross-talk) to one of the fellows was inappropriate.
Reply: Sometimes, shares are so good that you want to comment, but by doing so, the focus is shifted from the shares.
C: Sharing is a form of service... (I wasn't able to catch this).
Reply: Profanity is anger and we shoudn't bring anger into meetings.
D: A meeting leader created their own script and was confronted about it but still thought that "his" script was very good.
Reply: Women's meeting agreed on a script and stuck with it. Some parts are up for review in group consciences, others are agreed upon to not be changed without due process.
E: Even saying "thank you for your share" can count as cross-talk. Where's the line? (rhetorical)
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