Group Concience feb 3rd 2024

Business discussion, agendas, notes for the Meditation Group
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Group Concience feb 3rd 2024

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Minutes from previous meeting: Unanymously approved

GSC not attending business meeting: Fellow takes issue with the reason that the GSC acts as an intermediary between the individual meetings and centralized discussion on fellowship issues.
Leader will try to contact GSC about attendance.

Research will be committed by fellows about integration literature on the benefits of service to individual recovery into the meeting script.

What are the requirements of voting in a decision?
- Consensus?
- Voting?
Proposal: less than 7 attendees: unanymous. 7 or more, 70% majority vote. 5 for 1 abstain

Recruitment: Discussion ensued about onboarding documentation. Fellow will research and create proposal for onboarding process.
- Proposal: Created onboarding documentation is optional reading material. 5 for 1 abstain
- Proposal: Onboarding of new service members. New proposals are required to attend the group conscience where they will (not) be voted in. After being voted in they will be educated by another leader. 5 for 1 abstain
- Proposal: Change meeting script meeting leader announcement to reflect that candidates need to join group conscience to be voted in. 5 for 1 abstain

Meeting script link: ... sp=sharing
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